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Our team can map the entire production through to usable photography. On request, we provide photo production services for national and international customers, including art direction, casting, booking of make-up / hair & styling, location scouting and image retouching. We speak German and English – and have a way of responsibly taking care of the environment.

You can download a PDF portfolio file (99 MB) of my work.

As a photographer, I use my skills to create images that showcase the beauty of people and our world, while my expertise gives me the power to capture stunning images that inspire happiness in a sustainable future.

Experience the liveliness and emotionality captured in every photograph of my portfolio. My expertise in capturing authentic moments and connections shines through in every image, showcasing the unique beauty of every individual and their story. With a focus on authenticity and a commitment to showcasing diversity, my work is sure to inspire and evoke powerful emotions.

I promise enduring quality and the perfect fit for your needs with excellence and flexibility.

If you would like to see how it looks on our sets, sneak a peak into some behind the scenes pictures.

And if you would like to play it cool, we can work out some synthetical images which might combine real world photography with the art of artificial intelligence or go completely unreal.


Since the 2000s I have been working on my personal project “Panography”, for which I have had the opportunity to exhibit several times – including in Paris, Düsseldorf and Cologne. I would like to invite you to immerse yourself in this world of mine.

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I am a member of

  • Regional Advisor (NRW) in the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Designers (BFF)
    Regional Advisor (NRW) in the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Designers (BFF)
  • Female Photoclub e.V.
    Female Photoclub e.V.
  • laif genossenschaft der fotograf*innen
    laif genossenschaft der fotograf*innen
  • Portfolio at »Deutschlands
beste Fotografen«
    Portfolio at »Deutschlands
beste Fotografen«
  • Skilled Synthographer<br>(AI image prompter)
    Skilled Synthographer
    (AI image prompter)

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